Barre Workout One-to-one

Focusing on strengthening, toning, & mobilisation

Barre workout in the comfort of your own home.

Barre Is a full body fun, upbeat and deceptively challenging work-out, with low impact it improves cardiovascular stamina, and tones and sculpts each muscle group, including all of the teeny supportive muscles some of us didn't even know we had.

Using equipment such as soft balls, resistance bands, loop bands and dumbbells. Each move is followed by stretches to help create a longer, and leaner physique.

Open to all levels and abilities.

Trial session £30


Pay as you go 1 hour - £50

Package deal 10 sessions 1 hour - £400


Pay as you go 1 hour - £35pp

Pay as you go 1.5 hour - £40pp

If looking to create a small group with friends in a studio environment or in a park closest to you please enquire.


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