A perfect combination of Pilates & Yoga

Yogalates is pilates strength and control exercises blended with yogic poses and flows.

You do not have to be a pro yogi, this workout is for everyone and is great way to learn new moves and transitions. Pilates exercises and Yoga moves will be designed and catered to you, to your capabilities and goals.

Pilates encourages the mind body connection. It makes you feel stronger physically and mentally.

Combined with different yogic practices in mindful movement and stretches.

It really is the perfect balance of a Pilates core work out and a Yoga stretch flow.

Trial session £30


Pay as you go 1 hour - £50

Package deal 10 sessions 1 hour - £400


Pay as you go 1 hour - £35pp

Pay as you go 1.5 hour - £40pp

If you are looking to join friend and make a small group or prefer to work in a studio environment

or in the park closest to you please enquire.


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